What are rowing machines – and what are their benefits?


Cardio exercises known for their effects on weight loss. There are several cardio exercises that individuals can perform to lose weight such as jogging, walking, running and even climbing among others. When you choose to improve your health, your initial step doesn’t always have to be pounding the roadway on a very grueling, long-distance run. So, if you join a gym, some of the regular rowing workouts are an ultimate way to work towards maximizing physical fitness.

The benefits of rowing machine

A rowing machine is what it is precise to; a machine that is designed to mimic the workout carried out when rowing a boat in the water. Nearly all machines come with a monitor to track speed, power, distance, and calories burned. Many machines built with a long frame that usually sits low to the ground; a braked flywheel is mounted right at the front of the frame, whereas the handle is attached to the flywheel by a chain, rope, or strap.

So, the handle is then pulled back straight toward the user’s body during the entire movement, and, also, is a seat that slides away from and toward the flywheel to allow the user to be able to engage the lower body fully as s/he undertake ‘drive’ motion of rowing. Therefore, using a rowing machine can aid in building and toning your muscles, strengthening your cardiovascular functions and also increasing your stamina. The Rowing machines are mainly effective for the older fitness enthusiasts since they place no strain on the back and joints.

Rowing machines is also good for providing resistance throughout one of three mechanisms; water, magnets, or air. In all the listed cases, the resistance is wholly created at the flywheel and thus making it more or less complex for the user to pull continuously on the handles and extend the rope, strap, or chain. However, the magnetic resistance is set solemnly by the user and is quieter compared to the other forms, although its resistance is constant. Meaning once it’s in position; it remains stable making it less like “actual rowing” than water or air resistance.

Rowing machine workout is also an important sort of cardio exercise that is used widely for attaining needed physical fitness. In fact, Rowing is a water sport that is known to activate all body parts. The Rowing machine operates just the way rowing is exercise. There are other numerous benefits of rowing machine in a circumstance of user/customer benefits in addition to the health benefits.

Furthermore, Rowing machines, like nearly all fitness machines, have built up over time, taking their position in the inevitable sequence of fitness developments. So, as machinery improves and other ‘new’ ways of exercising are initiated, long-standing types of fitness are brought back in and out of view.

Other benefits of Rowing Machine are;

  • Weight Loss; Rowing exercise burns up calories rapidly, hence making it a suitable count to the workout regimen especially if the weight loss was your chief priority. A dynamic workout on the rowing machine can burn up about 377 calories in approximately 30 minutes.
  • Rowing workouts play the important role in muscle building beside strengthening the muscle and boosting up the energy utilization ability.
  • It adds to the endurance and flexibility of arms and leg muscles.
  • The rowing machine is a source of support to the lower back region and assists in getting relief from the lower back pain.
  • It improves blood circulation in the body by strengthening the cardiovascular system.
  • Rowing aids in increasing the effectiveness of your respiratory system.
  • Regular and consistence rowing exercise keeps you energetic and fresh all day long.
  • Another worth declaring health benefit of the rowing machine and its exercise is that it restrains you from various harmful diseases such as cancer, diabetes, cardiac problems, blood pressure, osteoporosis, etc.


Before investing your time and money in a rower machine plus any other exercise equipment, it’s significant to weigh carefully all the possible pros and cons of each and every model and then acquaint yourself with each and every feature of the product. The users should as well consider whether they consider using the rowing machine for the quick fix to zap away any holiday pounds or only to maintain their health.

Indeed, whereas some cheaper models do offer a good workout at the same time encouraging fat loss, they aren’t precisely designed to last for several years and usually needs quite a lot of care and maintenance. On the other hand, there are highly professional models conceived to last for decades, except that they run at a higher price.